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„This is a brilliant intiatitve. Just what is needed when people are searching for ideas about how we can combat the Coalition's attacks on our community and about what sort of society we want to build out of the debris they leave behind.”

John McDonnell MP

Welcome to the People's Bookshop

The People's Bookshop is an independent, radical bookshop in the heart of Durham City. Dealing mainly in second-hand books, we aim to fill the gaps left behind by the headlong rush towards best-sellers, e-books and add-on sales. We believe that bookshops should reflect their communities and radical bookshops are an important part of the creation of a better world. If this were only about big ideas, it would be centred on the idea that 'another world is possible', but it is also about those little ideas, local histories and forgotten stories that are only preserved in the pages of actual, real books.

The People's Bookshop is conveniently located on the way up to the Cathedral & Castle in Durham City, just off Saddler Street. You'll find us up a 'vennel' - alleyway to non-Durhamites - which leads to (you guessed it!) the famous Vennels Coffee shop. The short climb up our very 'historic' staircase is rewarded not only by a wonderful view of the Castle but by our fantastic selection of second-hand and rare books, including:

  • People's Politics
  • Local History
  • Trade Unions and Labour History
  • Biography and Diaries
  • Football Writing
  • Poetry & Literature
  • Childrens
  • Collectable Books

We are trying to be more than just a collection of books, however. The People's Bookshop is a place where people can relax, browse and read certainly - but also discuss ideas, learn more about the history of the North East and get involved in community campaigns. Hey, isn't that what bookshops used to be like?

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Sunday 21st February 4pm: 

With renditions from their crowd funded debut album (CALLING} and book (POETTRICK LICENCE) JaZZ RiOT will not only kick off Club Resistance 2016 they will also kick off The Peoples Bookshop contribution to the yearlong countrywide happenings celebrating PUNK - 40 years of subversive culture. 

ETTRICK SCOTT is the mouthpiece that gives JaZZ RiOT their verbal oomph. His rhythmic, rhyming performance poetry, which is sometimes rude and often funny, is fused to powerful effect. with the music of Stephen Glendenning.

Tickets - £5.00 (PayPal button below)


„The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television.”

Andrew Ross

The People's Bookshop

Third Floor, The Attic
Saddlers Yard
70, Saddler Street
Phone: 0191 384 4399

Opening Times

Monday - closed
Tuesday - closed
Wednesday - closed
Thursday - 12.00 - 18.00
Friday - 12.00 - 18.00
Saturday - 12.00 - 18.00
Sunday - closed

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