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„This is a brilliant intiatitve. Just what is needed when people are searching for ideas about how we can combat the Coalition's attacks on our community and about what sort of society we want to build out of the debris they leave behind.”

John McDonnell MP

Swishing and digging deep for Alington House

Alington House is a well-loved community centre just up the road from the People's Bookshop. It is also badly in need of a new roof, so members of Transition Durham at Alington House have organised a fantastic event this Saturday (3/9/11): 'Dig Deep for Alington House'


What's Left? Radical Bookselling in the UK

Last April, Natalie Hanman in The Guardian declared that Radical Bookshops were bucking the trend of independent bookshop closures (two a week during 2009) and even thriving in certain areas of the country. There is a real and obvious nostalgia for radical and left-wing bookshops partly because nothing has replaced them, either online or in the community. However, I know from my brief discussions with a number of established radical booksellers that times are still tough and that just surviving is a real struggle.


The old in the new – or why Ed and the rest should be at the Durham Miners Gala

I hope Ed Miliband enjoys his day tomorrow. It's a shame he couldn't find a window in his diary to attend the Durham Miners Gala.


A World Without Books

Imagine a world without books. A depressing thought, most people agree – but a notion that has been chattered about for the last decade.


The People's Bookshop Sets Sail

24th June: So, anchors away, then. The good ship @peoplesbookshop has set sail into the choppy waters of independent bookselling at last.



„Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings.”

Heinrich Heine

The People's Bookshop

Third Floor, The Attic
Saddlers Yard
70, Saddler Street
Phone: 0191 384 4399

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